Cold Chain Last Mile Delivery

Keep your product's temperature on track.

COOL JEK is a digital service platform which engaged in cool & frozen delivery service, which provides services to B2B and B2C. COOL JEK is ready to deliver fresh & frozen products to customers by applying cold chain to the shipping process. COOL JEK is ready to deliver fresh & frozen products to customers by applying the cold chain in the shipping process

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Real-Time Temperature Track

Track your package temperature through our app.

We understand how crucial it is for businesses to get your chilled or frozen products to their destination on time, in great condition and at the correct temperature. With over 20 years’ experience in Cold Chain, we understand the investment to provide a high-quality service and strict temperature control.


Keep Your Goods Fresh and Frozen Until Delivered

COOL JEK offers both instant and same day multi temperatures delivery solutions for your chilled/frozen/ambient food products. If you send multiple same-day parcels a day you could benefit from our multi-drop delivery option. 

We can help you improve your multi drop delivery route planning. It means you will reach customers when you promised, carry out more deliveries in a day and reduce your stress levels.

Real-Time Temperature Tracking

Live Location Tracking and Temperature Monitoring on all vehicles.

Maintain Product Quality

Improved customer satisfaction as product damage avoided.

Trained Personnel by Professional

Team of Experts to handle temperature-controlled delivery services.

Cold Chain Packaging

Dedicated packaging for Cold Chain products that maximize product safety and hygiene, while minimize unnecessary packaging cost.

Competitive Delivery Rates

Premium Services with Affordable Pricing. Route optimization and cost minimization.

Dedicated Multi Temperature Delivery

Chilled or Frozen Courier Delivery according to your needs. Just the right temperature for your products.

why switch to cool jek?

We use digital data logger that is attached to each freezer box.

This allows us and the customers to track and see the real-time temperature of the product throughout the delivery process. This way, we can maintain the freshness, quality and safety of the product. Moreover, to ensure the efficiency of our deliveries, we use motorbikes to swerve through the hustle and bustle of Jakarta’s traffic and narrow streets.